Hiezza Rosetti
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Hiezza Rossetti

Hiezza Rossetti is originally from Brazil. She has more than 30 years experience in astrology, numerology, graphology, tarot cards, and crystals.

She’s been invited as a guest on various TV programs ranging from daytime to prime time shows to talk about her fields of expertise. She also wrote many articles for various Brazilian magazines and newspapers on numerology and other esoteric topics. Some of her most famous publications include the books "Color for Success" and "Numerology for Business".

Hiezza Rossetti lives in São Paulo, Brazil, where she is still very active in animal rights and esoteric studies.

Giana Rosetti
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Giana Rosetti

Giana is also originally from Brazil and daughter of Hiezza Rossetti.

She is an electrical engineer who helped Hiezza to make Numerology For Pets alive by developing its layout, translating, and transforming this book into various eBook formats that can be read in most current eReaders.

Giana also knows numerology and astrology, and is involved in various animal rights. She currently lives in San Diego.