Learn Numerology

The NAME of your pet has to be analyzed in three different ways: Personality, Reactions and Behavior

Look at the table below to see the value of each letter:


1- Personality = It is the sum of all letters in the name.

Example: Brutus = B+R+U+T+U+S

B=2, R=9, U=3, T=2, U=3, S=1, so 2+9+3+2+3+1 = 20

20 = 2+0 = 2 - Brutus personality number is number 2, which means that Brutus ise anxious, nervous, loving, sociable, intuitive, lively, and people oriented.

2- Instinctive Reactions = It is the first vowel of their names.

Example: Brutus - U is the first vowel and U = 3, therefore, Brutus reaction is number which makes him joyful, smart, sociable, graceful, guarding instincts and children oriented.

3- Inner Behavior = It is the sum of all vowels.

Example: Brutus = U+U = 3+3 = 6. So, Brutus behavior is number 6. Brutus has a tendency to whine, and doesn’t like to be alone. He can be very loving and stubborn at times.

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