Book Reviews

"Numerology For Pets taught me to choose the right name for my new cat. He answers when I call him and he has a very friendly personality." (Margaret Sheppard - Veterinarian)

"I purchased this book and took it with me to my friend's party. In a matter of minutes, my friends analyzed their pets' name and they found the results to be quite accurate. This is a must have book!" (Lurdes Decio - Banker and Animal Activist)

"I loved the way the book is written. I could analyze my dog's name in minutes. The coolest part are the cute pictures." (Erika Grasnoff - Student)

"I purchase this book from Amazon and I testedit with my cat. I changed the way I pronounced his name and he became sweeter and more dependable. This book really works!" (Mary Jane Smith - Nurse)



Author: Hiezza Rosetti

Co-author: Giana Rosetti

Cover and cartoons: Marcelo Mattos (Gordo)

Editor: Lynn LeGlaire

ISBN 978-0-9831949-1-0

Library of Congress Control Number: 2011901086

Publisher: Scriber Publishing Co.